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The State of Our Union

Good Day My Fellow Brothers and Sisters of the New Confederacy,

I come to you today not only as your Commanding General, but as a fellow brother of the New Confederacy. We face many strong challenges in the future and we will overcome them one at a time. We must all work together to strengthen CSA II®: The New Confederated States of America and continue to make it the #1 Confederate Organization in The United States of America!!!

CSA II®: The New Confederated States of America will succeed in it's Mission of Heritage - Not Hate and will lead the charge to Preserve of Our Confederate Heritage, Honor Our Fallen Veterans,  as well as Strengthen Our Community Through Community Action Activities and Events. These are the 3 Major Pillars of CSA II®.

We are a completely member operated organization so that everyone has a fair say in the way we operate and in the way that we succeed.

Please Join the Fight Today!!! ​We Need Your Help!!!

Stand Strong, Stand Proud, and Never Back Down!!!

Deo Vindice, 

Thomas E. Crompton
Commanding General
CSA II®: The New Confederate Stats of America Inc.